People Are Using Their Phones Less

New study shows 7% decline in daily usage.

Blind Kittens See String For The First Time

A life changing implant could soon be available publicly.

Penguin Twins Reunited

Twins lived on opposite sides of Antarctica for 8 years.

People Who Recycle Live Longer

Recycling comes with mental health benefits that prolong life.

Big-Nosed Monkeys Get Nosejobs

Locals fund operation for indigenous population.

Ugly People Get Promoted Faster, Study Shows

Research shows less attractive people earn 23% more.

Hacker Sells Zuckerberg's Personal Data

The listing on the dark web is priced at $30,000.

U2 Will Not Release Another Album

Bono says fans can live 'with or without U2'.

Traffic Will Not Exist in 2026

A Cambridge lab is close to developing real teleportation.

Teen Returns Lost Wallet With $1,568,291 Inside

The money was stored as Bitcoin on a thumb drive inside.

Smiling Reduces Wrinkles, Research Shows

Smiling reduces stress as well as signs of ageing.

Pandas Are Having More Frequent Sex

Donations to the WWF fund 'panda pornography' scheme.

Machines Will Not Take Over 'In Our Lifetime'

True A.I. is hundreds of years away, say commentators.

Alleged Illuminati Leader Dies, Age 89

Philipp Weishaupt dies of Novichok poisoning.

Hollywood Donates Film Sets To Homeless

Model homes built for films find a new purpose.

Heroic Sheep Saves Lamb From Cliff Face

Local authorities will now do more to prevent coastal erosion

George R. R. Martin To Release 2 Books Tomorrow

Game of Thrones author gives sequel an early release.

George Lucas Apologies For Jar Jar Binks

Star Wars creator comments nearly 20 years later.

Friends Gets Homophobia-Free Recut

Netflix creates new edits of old shows.

Donald Glover Is Single Again And On Tinder

Shock separation puts Glover 'back on the market'.

Dodo Escapes Extinction

Bird discovered shares 98% genetic similarity.

Coconuts Have Stopped Killing People

Local authorities implement coconut tree basketing.

Most Early Bitcoin Investors Lost Money

According to a survey of cryptocurrency owners.

Beer Prices Will Fall 10%

Outlined in new plans by the International Alliance of Brewers.

Airlines Will Allow Free Bags

Customer-focussed policy will include luggage with your ticket.

'Insomniac' Sheep Get Forty Winks

A farmer in Wales has found a surprising treatment for his flock.

Breeders Are Creating Real Unicorns

Breeders used rhino genes to create "super horses".