Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFN (Nice Fake News)?
NFN is fake news site that publishes only the nicest lies – the ones that crush fears, bring smiles, and make you almost want to be a good person.

Why have you created Nice Fake News?
Fake news has had a lot of bad press for tearing our world apart. We just want to use it to make the world a nicer place.

Who created Nice Fake News?
NFN is created by Anonynice, a group founded by friendly Russian hacker Оли Фрост. Like most fake news it is also supported by offshore financing.

How do you make Nice Fake News?
Over 6 in 10 of you will share a link without reading it.

How is fake news different to satire?
Fake news, unlike satire, is news meant with the intention of deceiving the public. Nice fake news does this too, but for good causes.

Why can’t I see your posts on Facebook/Twitter?
Nice Fake News uses a common technique called ‘dark posting’ which means posts can be promoted without being made public.

How can I help?
Share a story in your feed and spread some niceness. If you’re a writer you can write a story, if you’re a hacker you can seed a story, and if you have money you can fund story promotions in cash or bitcoin.

Can I share the images/videos on this site?
Yes, download some here. The site is also open source.

You haven’t answered my question?
Then you must email Оли Фрост.

My cat has just had kittens. Will you share my story?
No. We only publish false nice news stories.