The Illuminati, a society originally founded in 1776, have attracted new attention in recent years after claims that they influenced the result of the UK’s independence referendum in 2016, as well as Trump’s election.

In particular, they are alleged to have planted agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence, and to establish a New World Order.

However, a reliable undercover source claims the group has now entered a leadership crisis after Philipp Weishaupt, its alleged leader, died yesterday in hospital after what doctors believe to be Novichok poisoning.

Weishaupt lived in the Bavarian region of Germany, close to the birthplace of the Illuminati, and was not often seen in public life. He is a direct descendant of the original Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt.

Novichok poisoning has recently been used by Russians to remove former spies and agents living overseas, such as the recent attacks in Salisbury, UK.

Former undercover detective at Scotland Yard Peter Bleksley, when asked for comment, said that he believed the presence of Novichok could indicate that the Russians and the Illuminati were at war with another.

“The basis for the theory is the Russian’s own role in influencing the US election and the UK referendum. Both groups are fighting for political influence over overseas affairs.”

Bleksley believes a war between the Russians and Illuminati could be for the best of all of us, hoping that “these two dangerous parties could wipe each other out”.

At the time of writing little else is known about Weishaupt’s death.

Weishaupt’s next of kin are expected to make an announcement to the press tomorrow morning.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.