Los Angeles’ entertainment industry nurtures the city’s dreamy La La Land image. But while Hollywood laps up the attention, there is a growing crisis in the land of make-believe - a soaring increase in the number of homeless people living on its streets.

Homelessness in Los Angeles County soared by 23% in the past year and it shows. The problem has become tangible and inescapable, with makeshift tent encampments cropping up across the sprawling metropolis.

However, a new scheme “Set For Life” aims to get the city’s wealthy film studios involved in homing the homeless.

The scheme aims to take the thousands of model apartments and homes built every year for film sets, and repurpose them into real housing for the homeless.

Many of these film sets are only half built, and need work to become proper homes.

For example, a studio would build only half a kitchen and use the other side for either camera crew or a live audience. These kitchens also lack proper plumbing, and central heating.

However, as temporary accommodation many of these sets only require a small amount of work to become fit for purpose.

The scheme, run by Los Angeles Mission, is asking for more studios to sign up to the scheme, which will begin running next winter.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.