Euan, a sheep from Dorset, England, became a local hero yesterday, after saving one of his lambs from a cliff face.

While running from the farm’s sheep dog, a lamb from the flock came off the cliff and was left “hanging by its teeth”, according to Dan Conyngham-Hynes, a local who witnessed the event.

The lamb was faced with a drop of approximately 210ft, before Euan came to the rescue.

Euan was able to lift the lamb by the wool on his back and pull him to safety, where he was met with open arms by Graham Hughes, his shepard.

A local vet arrived on the scene only a few hours later, who announced the lamb only had mild shock related symptoms and could return to its flock by the end of the week.

Following the incident the local authorities said the incident had served as a “wake up call” and announced plans to do more to tackle coastal erosion in the area.

A crowdfund to improve and repair the fencing around the cliff face is already 312% funded at the time of writing.

The additional funds will cover the cost of a wooden sheep statue to be erected by the cliff face.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.