A hacker claims to have acquired Mark Zuckerberg’s private Facebook data, and has listed it for sale on the dark web for a price of $30,000.

The hacker, whose identity is only known as “fezbk” claims on the listings that the data was acquired by gaining access to Zuckerberg’s laptop using an unpublicised PDF exploit.

The data set, listed on the dark site T•chka, apparently includes everything from Zuckerberg’s personal photos to his private message exchanges.

As evidence, the listing includes several previously unreleased photos of family holidays, as well as an exchange between Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan regarding what Zuckerberg should get from the shops that evening.

The listing does not say how many have already purchased the data set, which has been online already for 6 hours.

Facebook and its founder were both unavailable for comment on the matter.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.