Missy, Tiger, and Coco were born with a genetic disease that left them blind at birth.

Unable to communicate with one another besides a pitiful “meow”, the kittens quickly became lonely and unhappy.

But thanks to a new implant, doctors have been able to partially restore Missy, Tiger and Coco’s sight.

To test the success of the operation, a piece of string was dangled in front of the kitten’s eyes upon awakening.

The kittens were not only able to bat the string in front of them with their paws, but Missy even managed to pin down the string and claim it for herself.

The test was also successful with shoe laces and blind cords.

The cats’ owner says that since the operation the kittens have become less lonely, spending less time sleeping and more time chasing anything that moves.

While the implant is still a prototype, it could one day be rolled out to blind kittens across the country.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.