Bono, lead signer of the Irish rock band U2, today announced in an interview with NME, that their 2017 album ‘Songs of Experience’ would be its last.

Bono cited “ending on a high” as one of the reasons for calling off future releases.

“This isn’t like when Radiohead said they weren’t releasing another album and then brought out Kings of Limbs a year later. This really is it.”

Bono claimed that the band would continue to tour, but with a renewed focus on its earlier work such as 1987’s Joshua Tree.

“We get what our fans want from a live show. If you’ve travelled a long way to see us play ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ and we don’t then you’re hardly going to miss the irony.”

U2 became infamous on the 9th September 2014, after automatically adding their album Songs of Innocence to every iTunes user’s library.

Even after a backlash from users, the band remained unapologetic about the stunt, prompting concerns that the release strategy would be repeated.

However, with this morning’s news, iTunes users will no longer have to fear waking up to find another U2 album in their library.

Since their formation in 1976 the band have released fourteen albums and sold more than 170 million records, placing them among the best-selling music artists in history.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.