The irony was not lost on Liam Hughes, 47, that his flock of sheep were having trouble sleeping.

Mr. Hughes, who runs the Ty’n-y-Cornel farm, near Tregaron in West Wales, found that repeated attacks from wolves had affected the sleep patterns of his sheep.

After the problem persisted for several months, he decided to try an unusual approach.

Mr. Hughes played music into the field, which helped to both scare off predators and relax the sheep.

Surprisingly, his first attempts using lullaby music proved unsuccessful.

Over time the sheep proved to be fans of Bach, Debussy, and Ariana Grande.

Mr. Hughes claims that most sheep in the flock now get a full night’s sleep.

He has even promised on social media to release the sheep’s favourites as a Spotify playlist.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.