In 2018 music commentator Derek Cohmedi described Donald Glover (aka. Childish Gambino) as the heart throb of the internet.

His recent topless appearances in his music video This Is America (2018), The Tonight Show, and live shows, confirmed this beyond doubt, creating waves across social media.

But in 2016 Glover had a child with his partner Michelle, and followed it with another in 2018, much to the disappointment of his fans.

But in a post on social media yesterday Glover announced his amicable split with his partner.

The post was retweeted and favourited 1,294,312 times in the first 12 hours – almost as many times as Ellen’s “Oscar Selfie” in 2014.

Multiple social media users have also reported matching with him on Tinder, though none so far have managed to arrange a date or heard back from Glover.

NFN was able to confirm these reports by setting the app’s swiping location to Atlanta within an age range of 24-36, but at the time of writing Glover had not matched with our reporter.

NFN's Oliver Frost contributed to this report.