I became the fake CEO of a fake ad agency that loves working with fossil fuels
500,000+ Vists on LinkedIn, The Drum, AdWeek, Marketing Beat, Campaign Op-Ed, The Drum Op-Ed.

Greenpeace Myth-Busters

I write and present weekly myth-busting videos for Greenpeace's channels
5 Million Video Views.


I made an OnlyFans for Planet Earth

Little Tips From Lambeth Council

I impersonate my local council to improve the range of their recycling tips. Specifically sex, drugs, and crime.


A site that can generate nearly a million plant-based recipe ideas.

Climate Prophet

I predicted how people would die, based on their favourite cereal

Climate Changercise

For Earth Day, and Leg Day

Bribe Boris

My attempt to bribe Boris Johnson, post-COP26.

Wikipedia Vandal

I vandalised the Wikpedia page for bacon
UNILAD, BoingBoing.

The Oli Frost Carbon Offset Scheme

For every like or comment, I'll give up cheese for one hour.

Fossil Ghouls

Printable, plastic-free masks that were used by strikers at Halloween (and a coal mine protest in Australia)

Fridays For Future Antarctica

A protest movement I started for baby penguins. Endorsed (followed) by Greta Thunberg.

Now That's What I Call Climate Change

A playlist I made that is used at climate strikes and marches

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