The Pirate Emergency

A sea shanty to declare a pirate emergency.

The Vampire Conspiracy

You got me! The climate movement is a conspiracy

You're In Denial

A drinking song for climate deniers

Windy Wendy

Just a story about my love life…?

The Greta Thunberg Song

A song about Greta, feta, and why the ocean is getting wetter.

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Breakdown

I turned global emissions data into a synth-pop ballad.

Don't Cry Santa

A song about Santa having a mental breakdown because of his role in consumerism.

Little Tips From Lambeth Council

I impersonate my local council to improve the range of their recycling tips. Specifically sex, drugs, and crime.


A site that can generate nearly a million plant-based recipe ideas.

Bribe Boris

My attempt to bribe Boris Johnson, post-COP26.

Climate Strike

A series of posters I made for the climate strikes, exhibiting on lamp posts, worldwide.

The Oli Frost Carbon Offset Scheme

For every like or comment, I'll give up cheese for one hour.

Fridays For Future Antarctica

A protest movement I started for baby penguins. Endorsed (followed) by Greta Thunberg.

Pollution Solution

I form a political air-instrument punk band to raise awareness of air pollution.

Domestic Rebellion

I drink a Gin and Tonic and call the police about my stay-at-home protest movement.

Now That's What I Call Climate Change

A playlist I made that is used at climate strikes and marches

Fossil Ghouls

Printable, plastic-free masks that were used by strikers at Halloween (and a coal mine protest in Australia)

Refrosting At Home

Small documentaries with huge consequences

Oli Frost Refrosts The Planet is an online series that follows me, Oli Frost, and my plans to stop the earth defrosting.

I’m Oli Frost, the guy who makes novelty songs about the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg did the macarena to one of them.

My work has been featured everywhere from UK Parliament to Britain’s Got Talent, BBC to Fox News, in art shows, and on bins. At the moment, I am busy refrosting the planet.

You can follow me on the social medias, or the sparingly used mailing list below.