I vandalised Wikipedia's page for bacon

Press: UNILAD, BoingBoing.

It would be my most dangerous internet stunt to date.

My plan: change the pictures of bacon on Wikipedia, to plant-based bacon.

And not tell anyone.

However, the page was protected by Wikipedia from vandalism.

So only accounts with a proven track record could edit.

To do this, I created an account and made small edits to bacon-related pages.

(Along the way, I was able to stop Bacon College using Wikipedia to boast about the facilities of its for-hire private space).

Once my account was confirmed, I held my breath, and made the change.

And for a while, nobody noticed.

Truth was subverted in the service of good (and not for the first time)

The story broke…

Then Judas emerged.

He repoted the change, and had me banned for life.

Lock me up and throw away the key.

My work here is done.

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