I’m Oli Frost, the guy who impersonated his local council, played recorder for Simon Cowell, and put all his personal data on eBay.

My work has been featured everywhere from UK Parliament to Britain’s Got Talent, BBC to Fox News, in art shows, and on bins.

Most recently, They made me redundant, so I trashed their office

>> Recorda Boi

My mission to repopularise the recorder.

>> Oli Frost Refrosts The Planet

One man's plans to the stop the earth defrosting.

>> Refer Me A Friend

If we become friends, you both get £15.
The Glass Room exhibit, San Francisco.

>> eBay Data Sale

I put all my personal data on eBay.
The Glass Room exhibit, San Francisco.

Work For Causes & Brands

>> Global Climate Strike – Posters

A set of posters made for the first global climate strike that appeared on lamp posts, globally, and turned into a series.
Greenpeace, 350.org, Upworthy, I Weigh, School Strike For Climate, Extinction Rebellion, YouthStrike4Climate, Fridays For Future.

>> The Homeless Period

The first campaign to raise the issue of sanitary care access for homeless women. Now run by supporters around the world.
UK Parliament, The Guardian, Independent, BBC, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mic, Stylist, Dazed, Aljazeera, Refinery29, Big Issue, Channel 4, Metro, Evening Standard.

>> Wrigley’s Extra – Arrive Ready

Part of a campaign created for Wrigley’s ‘in-car gum holder’.

>> Sheba – The Strokeable Cat Video

Part of a campaign targeted around peak ‘cat video’ times.

>> Grand Prix Generator

A generator for the “world-saving” campaigns that win big in ad awards.
Adweek, Campaign, The Drum, Adland, Ben Kay, Dave Trott, Mark Waites.

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