Latest Update » Get £15 when you refer me a friend

>> Recorda Boi

A musical project that combines hip-hop with the recorder.
Britain's Got Talent 2018.

>> Oli Frost Refrosts The Planet

One man's plans to the stop the earth defrosting.

>> Sarcastic Samantha

An app that reads your ideas back to you in a sarcastic, patronising tone.
Lifehacker, Huffington Post, Product Hunt.

>> NFN (Nice Fake News)

A fake news site, but for the lies humanity needs.
It's Nice That.

>> Refer Me A Friend

If we become friends, you both get £15. Displayed at the Tactical Tech exhibit in San Fran.
The Glass Room, Tactical Tech, .

>> Grand Prix Generator

A generator for the “world-saving” campaigns that win big in ad awards.
Adweek, Campaign, The Drum, Adland, Ben Key, Dave Trott.

Work For Causes

>> The Homeless Period

The first campaign to raise the issue of sanitary care access for homeless women. Now run by supporters around the world.
UK Parliament, The Guardian, Independent, BBC, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mic, Stylist, Dazed, Aljazeera, Refinery29, Big Issue, Channel 4, Metro, Evening Standard.

>> Personalised Health Warnings

A site that let's you print a personalised health warning label for your loved one's cigarettes.
Metro, ABC, Huffington Post.

>> Edible Leaflets

Tips on how to waste less bread, toasted onto bread.
Evening Standard.

Work For Brands

>> Wrigley’s Extra – Arrive Ready

A campaign created for Wrigley’s ‘in-car gum holder’.

>> Sheba – The Strokeable Cat Video

A campaign targeted around peak ‘cat video’ times.

>> Curry's PC World – Goodbye

A campaign created for the new term.

>> Pedigree Dentastix – Teeth Good, Life Good

A wise dog tells the secret to a happy doggy life

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