Fossil Ghouls

Printable, plastic-free masks


You can print and share these if you’ll give a tag and follow @realolifrost in return


Unless you print them on plastic.

Very Scary

Scarier than plastic straws.

Good Party Chat

Based on 20 companies behind more than a third of emissions.

Terms and Conditions

You can use this non-commercially with attribution @realolifrost. If you get a toffee apple I want half. If you make friends I want them. You must make one small child cry.

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Oli Frost Refrosts The Planet is an online series that follows me, Oli Frost, and my plans to stop the earth defrosting.

I’m Oli Frost, the guy who impersonated his local council, played recorder for Simon Cowell, and put all his personal data on eBay. At the moment, I am busy refrosting the planet.

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