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An important message about chewing gum

Here’s some of the work I’ve done for brands.

I worked at AMV BBDO for five years, spent time at Droga5, BBH, Mother, and made my first book at the Watford Ad Course.

I once won gold for Creative Circle’s ‘Most Promising Newcomer’, but in fact, I rarely promise anything at all.

Social Film

>> Wrigley’s Extra – Arrive Ready

One of a few films that came from an unusual Wrigley's brief about keeping gum in your car. Apparently, that's a very big market.


>> Sheba – The Strokeable Cat Video

Finally, a cat video you can tickle. Part of a campaign 'Bring Home The Sheba' that played out at peak cat video times. (Probably all day)


>> Sheba – Cat For Humans

A language audiobook created for radio. This one came out of a larger campaign 'Caturday Night', a combination of the words cat, and Saturday.


>> Square Root – Never Concentrate

A brand platform I started for a soda company. I also directed, edited, graded, mixed and starred in the ad. I probably could've made the soda.


>> Curry's PC World – Goodbye

A campaign I wrote for the new university term. It taught me that a Hollywood rain machine is actually just a big sprinkler.

Out of Home

>> Chupa Chups – The Eclipse

We used astronomical data to synchronise these two lollipops to the sun and moon. Thanks to poor weather, it was the best eclipse of 2015.


>> Cancer Research – Who Lives, Who Dies?

Real families are asked to decide which of them received life-saving help. Well, almost real. Only one of them worked for the agency.

Character Who Is An Animal

>> Pedigree Dentastix – Bruno The Wise

Part of a longer character campaign following Bruno The Wise, an elderly dog who has learned the secret to a happy doggy life (…fantastic oral care)

Public Awareness

>> Smart Energy – Energy Readings With Less Dad

I was asked to write a Christmas campaign targeting young people feeling the plight of holiday regression. Why? We'll never know.

Award Winning

>> Grand Prix Generator

A generator for the “world-saving” campaigns that win big in ad awards.
Adweek, Campaign, The Drum, Adland, Ben Kay, Dave Trott, Mark Waites.

Further Live Work: Snickers (Activation), Bombay Sapphire (Out Of Home), Sainsbury’s Food Waste (TV & Print), BT (Social & Out of Home), Bodyform (TV & Print), Maltesers (Online Film), Galaxy (Online Film), The National Lottery (TV), Sainsbury’s Tu (TV & Print), Mercedes-Benz (TV), IKEA (Radio & Print), Hiscox (Radio), & Chupa-Chups (Activation).

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