How I became Russia's nicest hacker

Press: It's Nice That, Exhibit: Fake News – The Factory of Lies.

Fake news has had a lot of bad press.

Russian hackers, they say, are spreading lies that ruin the world.

But if lies got us into this, maybe they could get us out too.

I decided to become a Russian hacker myself, and see what I could do.


I translated my name into Russian – Оли Фрост.

Ordered a My Little Pony mask to hide my identity.

And started building my own fake news site.


NFN World News is a fake news site that publishes only the nicest lies.

The ones that crush fears, bring smiles, and make you almost want to be a good person.


I was prepared to use whatever means necessary to put the stories out.

From bot networks, to hi-jacking verified accounts.

So I started a Discord server in Russia called Anonynice.

A channel for my hackers to co-ordinate.


Next I opened a Bitcoin wallet to receive offshore financing.

Funds to promote our posts on your corrupt social networks.


And finally, I sent a threat to the news corporations of the world.

It explained my plan to destabilise their negative western media agenda.

Until they publish some real nice news.

A story about blind kittens has already been shared thousands of times.

The storm has arrived.

Choose your side, and choose carefully.

Visit NFN World News and spread some niceness.

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