I put all my personal Facebook data on eBay

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Everyone else’s making money off it, so why shouldn’t I?

Bidding starts at £0.99 and ends Sunday.

» eBay Listing

Sell it to advertisers or whatever you want.

Personal Data

What’s Included

  • Every like, post, and inane comment since I was 16.
  • Photos dating back to when I had a fringe and listened to Billy Talent.
  • Videos dating back to when my band played gigs at kids play centres.
  • A list of things I’m apparently interested in, including ‘Gluten-free diet’, ‘Jessie Ware’ and ‘Project management software’.
  • Stats on how many happy birthdays I got, year by year.
  • All my friend requests that got ignored.
  • Every party invite I’ve ever had (all three of them).
  • Loads more, like who I vote for, my boss’s name, and where all my family live.

What’s Not Included

  • Permission to steal my identity and open a sweat shop.

Money’s going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation who support online privacy and such.

Download and sell your own data with Facebook’s download tool.

UPDATE: The highest bid before they got to it


eBay removed the listing because it might go against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

My mistake, I was under the impression I owned my personal data.

Luckily, you can now buy an excerpt of my personal data

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