I wrote a drinking song for climate deniers

In the traditional Irish way…

Available on all streaming sites. Sometimes shouted loudly in pubs.

Get Another Drink In You (You’re In Denial) Lyrics

In our bar they all say “We get the climate science”
But if they’re ignoring it then they’re still a denier
There’s an Irish drinking song that’s known throughout the isle
It goes “Get another drink in you you’re in denial”

A lad at the bar says to me “Come on, it’s far too late”
“Well that just isn’t true, it just gets worse the more you wait”
A yard wouldn’t do it, so I poured him a mile
Get another drink in you you’re in denial

A lady says to me “It’s down to someone else”
“So let’s put pressure on ‘em, and do our bit as well”
I got us some shots and I set them both on fire
Get another drink in you you’re in denial

We know drinking this much is less than ideal
And we’ve got an agenda you’re right
The climate’s affecting the barley yields
And it’s putting up the price of a pint

Another fella says to me “It costs too much to fix”
“Well you wouldn’t be losing money now, you’d be saving it”
The last bell rang out but we kept going for a while
Get another drink in you you’re in denial

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