I returned to The Vampire Conspiracy

Press: 16 Million Video Views, 3 Million Streams, Sky News, TRT World, ABC, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Canary Media.

Now it’s more evil ever

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The Vampire Conspiracy (Part I) Lyrics

Of course climate change is a conspiracy
Made up by socialist vampires to push policies
A greener fairer world that’s our evil plot
Free-range organic humans have the most delicious blood

We’ll build clean energy to improve air quality
Creating lots of jobs with fair pay guaranteed
A well-being revolution that’s our evil plot
Free-range organic humans have the most delicious blood

And recycling is a lie
To make you go outside
The night you take your bins out
Is the night we bite

We’ll tax the frequent fliers and make the trains free
Covering your planet with lots of lovely trees
Stress is a pollution we don’t want blood to clot
Free-range organic humans have the most delicious blood

Smart meters are a lie
So you invite us inside
We hide in hi-vis
So we catch your eye
(To mesmerise you)

So now you know our plan to descale economy
Measure growth in happiness instead of GDP
Don’t try to warn the others
It’s already too late
The next blood we drink is running in your veins

Vampire Conspiracy (Part II) Lyrics

So you’ve heard our evil socialist vampire plot For the greenest fairest world with the most delicious blood Your werewolf leaders say we would make you less free But how free is their wolf ideology?

Are you free? When market forces keep you on a leash Are you free? Chasing sticks that are always out of reach Are you free? Working for the wolves that want for more and more Maybe it’s time to serve vampire overlords

As long as it’s not garlic we’ll make sure you have enough Not devouring you entirely just taking a little blood It’s only wealthy wolves that we’ll make into our pets Fill the skies with bats instead of private jets

Are you free? Eating scraps while they’re wolfing down a feast Are you free? When morality is treated like a treat Are you free? Placing all your profits in the master’s paw Maybe it’s time to serve vampire overlords

They say you’re selfish, it’s just in your nature To fight one another, to be a lone wolf It’s just a myth they maintain to keep you in chains I taste community running in your veins

So be free To pursue non-blood-based activities So be free Free from werewolves mauling your family So be free Come on invite me in what are you waiting for? You know it’s time to serve vampire overlords

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