Am I the father of wearable technology?

I first noticed the problem ten years ago.

Back at school I was naturally a bit of a rebel.

Against school policy, I refused to wear my jacket.

Instead, I carried it over my shoulder.

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This was cool, but inconvenient.

It meant using my actual hands.

So I began to work on a solution.

But like the lightbulb or the first iPod, this took time.

Back then wearable tech wasn’t even a thing.

I had to invent it.

And now it’s here.

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The world’s first hook for shirts.

A revolutionary plastic peg with a Peel-Off-The-Back & Stick-In-Place adhesive layer.

It lets you stylishly hang your jacket on your shirt, hands-free.

Modern man’s biggest problem is now no more.

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SHOOK is now getting ready to launch.

If you’re a distributor or major fashion label, or would like a SHOOK yourself, shoot me an email

Or for more business ventures, check out my project Flopstarter.

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