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I can't swim, but I can write posters

Well, according to the Frosties Swimming School, not more than 400m.

So of course I was interested, when the student climate network asked me to make some posters for the first global climate strike.

To my surprise, the posters were shared and printed by lots of people.

Some were 350.org, Extinction Rebellion, School Strike For Climate, Upworthy, and I Weigh.

My account @globalclimatestrike gained 25,000 followers in a month, and I made a site that I updated for future climate events.

The new posters used by organisations like Greenpeace, offered press space in The Times, and translated into several different languages.

For halloween I made masks, which were worn by local school strike groups and even at coal mine protests in Australia.

And by the end of the year, I had been invited to talk on a panel about the UK election and the climate, organised by Lily Allen.

Most important of all though, at the panel I got to meet Lily Allen’s boyfriend.

David Harbour, from Stranger Things.

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