I can't swim

Press: Greenpeace, 350.org, Academic Paper, Upworthy, I Weigh, School Strike For Climate, Extinction Rebellion, YouthStrike4Climate, Fridays For Future, The Times.

The student climate network had asked me to make some posters.

According to the Frosties Swimming School, I can’t swim more than 400m.

So for my own sake (and everyone else’s), I obliged.

To my surprise, the posters were shared and printed by lots of people.

Some were 350.org, Extinction Rebellion, School Strike For Climate, Upworthy, and I Weigh.

The account I made for them gained 25,000 followers in a month, and I made a site that I updated for future climate events.

The new posters were used by organisations like Greenpeace, offered press space in The Times, and translated into several different languages.

For halloween I made masks, which were worn by local school strike groups and at coal mine protests in Australia.

And by the end of the year, I had been invited to talk on a panel about the UK election and the climate, organised by Lily Allen.

At end of the night, Lilly said thanks for coming.

I also got to meet Lily’s boyfriend.

David Harbour, from Stranger Things.

Which really made it all worth it…

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