Oli Frost's Climate Posters

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Part of Oli Frost Refrosts The Planet

Online Climate Strike

May 2020

Valentine's Climate Strike

14th Feburary

Fridays For Future

29th November 2019

/ Greenpeace / YouthStrike4Climate / Fridays For Future Italia / Fridays For Future Delhi / Fridays For Future Veria / Fridays For Future Vienna / 350org /

Global Day Of Action

29th November 2019

/ Greenpeace / 350org / Fridays For Future /

Register To Vote (UK)

26th November 2019

/ The Times / YouthStrike4Climate / Scottish Youth Strike /

Fossil Ghouls

31st October 2019

/ XR UK / 350org / FFF / FFF Italy / Product Hunt / Coal Mine Protest, Australia /

Autumn Rebellion

7th October

/ XR UK / XR Canada / XR Australia / XR Boston / XR Mumbai / XR Youth / XR Youth US / XR Bristol /

Global Climate Strike

20th September 2019

/ School Strike For Climate / Extinction Rebellion / 350.org / Upworthy / I Weigh /

Realistic Earth Emoji

17th July 2019

/ Video Game – Climate Trail /

I’m Oli Frost, the guy who impersonated his local council, played recorder for Simon Cowell, and put all his personal data on eBay. At the moment, I am busy refrosting the planet.

You can follow me on the social medias, or the sparingly used mailing list below.

Credits You’re free to print and download these if you’ll clearly credit @realolifrost and give a follow in return. This project owes credit to 350.org which the original designs were based on, as well as the designers beind the Extinction Rebellion posters.