I wrote a song for the Barbie movie

They didn’t use it…

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Barbie Please Don’t Break My Plastic Heart Lyrics

Barbie please don’t dump me I don’t biodegrade
I’ll be ocean garbage ‘til the end of days
I’ll sink into the deep where I’ll suffocate a shark
Barbie please don’t break my plastic heart

Seems like every Ken is just a single-use item to you
I’ve seen the way you look at other figurines
If not for me, for pollution Barbie, you can do your part
Barbie please don’t break my plastic heart

But if it can’t be me I hope you settle down with a nice wooden boy
Pinocchio might be a puppet but he’s not your toy
If Action Man steals you away for an action-filled weekend
I’ll be in pieces, but with you until the end

Because love lasts forever in micro-plastic parts
Even if you break my plastic heart
I’ll be in the water you drink and every breath you take
Even if my plastic heart should break

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