I fell in love with a wind turbine

Here’s a song I wrote for her

Available on all streaming sites. If you listen closely, you can even hear it on the wind.

Windy Wendy Lyrics

She took the house and she took the car
But when she took my child I knew she’d gone too far
I’d even blame Annabelle for the rain
And making me afraid to fly on planes

‘Cos Annabelle’s not a woman
She’s a hurricane
She’s man and woman made
You better be afraid
Her friends and her get worse every decade

After Annabelle came Bethany
I don’t know why I thought she’d be good for me
It started well, we met by the sea
But Bethany started suffocating me

Oh Bethany’s
Not a woman
She’s a tsunami
Yes climate change can bring us more of these
There’s tectonic shifts when the icecaps unfreeze

Christopher wasn’t my usual type
He sure was pretty, but cold as ice
And when he met momma he was very rude
Yes Chris turned mom into an ice cube

But Christopher’s not a man
He’s a snow storm
I know a warmer planet is what we fear
But it causes more moisture in the atmosphere

There was Hannah the Heatwave
and Danny the Drought
For a few years there I really got about
But my poor past won’t didn’t decide my forecast for me
We all deserve a world that isn’t so stormy
That’s why…

My Wendy is actually
A wind turbine
She’s a boundless source of energy
I don’t mind she’s a little taller than me

Oh Wendy
Will you please marry me
There’s a space in my yard just for you
I don’t mind if you spoil the neighbour’s view

Oh Wendy
I love you
And I’m selling my truck
and buying an electric truck
Second hand
And also taking the train

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