Not all cats want to be on the internet

It was the cat internet boom of 2014.

Back when Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat were almost household names.

And like any cat owner at the time, I too wanted my cat to be famous.


I always knew Gabby was somehow special.

She was once even featured on the Facebook page of the local vet.

“Gorgeous Gabriella has a personality that matches her beauty. Lovely lovely girl. She came in for a scale and polish yesterday to keep her teeth pearly white and healthy. Have you got a cat with a coat like this?”

So I started to imagine what Gabby’s own channel might look like.

We rehearsed and rehearsed.

And yet when it came to shoot.

Gabby wouldn’t ride the skateboard.

She wouldn’t play the piano

Even a cucumber couldn’t surprise her.

And then eventually I realised the problem.

Gabby didn’t want to be on the internet.

She didn’t want fame.

She was one of the millions of normal, web shy cats.

The ones you don’t see.

Those loveable, down-to-earth, fluffy creatures.

Who sit in trees, not on roombas.


So if you’re trying to turn your cat into an internet sensation.

Ask yourself if that’s what your cat wants, or what you want?

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