I wrote a song for the eco conscious emo

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Being an emo used to be so easy…

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Eco-Anxiety (Emo Animosity) Lyrics

Being an emo used to be easy
Crying over breakups and watching MTV
Now climate breakdown’s on my mind
Losing my girlfriend and all of humankind

Is the whole world literally going to end?
Does the girl I like really like my best friend?
I’m kind of afraid of mass extinction
And when I’m at parties I’m too scared to leave the kitchen
What happens if there’s no Amazon?
Or I come to registration and call my teacher mom?
Can this land use change, really be sustained?
Do you think enough people know that I’m in pain?

Rachel I still love you
When we kiss again
I hope it’s not in acid rain

Eco anxiety
The future is a party and nobody invited me
Emo animosity
There’s no outsiders if there’s no society

How do we get net emissions to 0?
How did Sean’s brother beat me on Guitar Hero?
What happens when we pass 1.5 degrees?
Why am I so ugly? Rachel’s way hotter than me
How do we increase biodiversity?
Did they notice my boner during biology?
Will habitats collapse from population stress?
I’d just pass out if I saw a girl undress.

Is it ok if I cry?
Do you think I should I call her
To apologise my tears are wasting water

Eco anxiety
I don’t want dying in diary
Emo animosity
Please don’t bury me with my virginity

But this isn’t the end
We can mend
Rachel will text me back
As the earth gets back on track
We’ll stop drilling,
And stop the oil spilling
Or make it much worse with geo-engineering
If they blot out the sun…
Oh god I’ve stil got

Eco anxiety
Rachel your hair looked really nice today
Emo animosity
Shut up mom I’m recording right now

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