I pretend I'm a married woman on Instagram

Last month I launched Lifefaker, the online life faking service.

It let you take stranger’s photos, and post them as your own.

To test the idea, I started a few accounts of my own.

There was Oli Foster, an unsettled London artist.

And Deliciously Anna, an entrepreneur, food lover, and mum of two.

Deliciously Anna

The profiles started to become more popular than my real self.

I felt loved like never before.

And then “Yogesh”, a man from India, slid into my DMs.

We spoke intimately for three months.

Anna Chat 2

And then he was gone.

That was the last ‘Hi’ Yogesh ever sent.

And although my account was fake, the regret was real.

Because with every ‘Hi’ I’d felt something.

‘Hi’ said ‘I’m here’

‘Hi’ said ‘You’re wanted’.

‘Hi’ said ‘Send nudes Anna, you’re beautiful’.

So when the tears had dried, an idea came to me.

I logged onto my other fake account, Oli Foster, and slid myself a DM.

Anna Chat 4

Myself as Anna now speaks with myself as Oli Foster almost every night.

Just like how I spoke with Yogesh.

Because it doesn’t always matter if love is real or fake.

As long as you have a convincing illusion of it.

Visit Lifefaker.com and sign up for a fake profile today

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