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I gave up cheese for likes

For every like or comment, I’ll give up cheese for one hour.

It would be my very own carbon offset scheme.

For every like or comment, I’ll give up cheese for one hour

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And that includes pizza.

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The Oli Frost Carbon Offset Challenge is part of my ongoing mission to #RefrostThePlanet

It works like many carbon offsetting schemes.

Except instead of paying me money to plant trees.

You make me famous, and I give up cheese.⠀

As we all know, cows are evil.

Cows make milk, and it takes lots of milk to make hard cheese.

About ten litres to the kilogram, producing the equivalent of 12kg of CO2.

To put that in relatable terms, that’s the same footprint as buying eight pairs of Crocs.

Or cremating someone’s arm.

It might be a lot less than some meats, but it’s worth keeping cheese in check.

So why should you support me for doing something I should be doing anyway?

How do you know I wasn’t already planning to give up cheese?

Maybe I’m lactose intolerant, and it’s all a massive ruse?

Well that’s just the genius of carbon offsetting.

When somebody asks you to fund the plating of a forest, in 98% of cases, those projects would have taken place regardless.

If big companies can profit in this morally bankrupt way, then count me in too.⠀

So don’t forget to like, share, and comment.

The fate of the planet, our species, and my toasted sandwich, depends on it.

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