Latest Update » Am I the father of wearable technology?

>> NFN (Nice Fake News)

A fake news site that publishes false but inspiring stories.

>> Recorda Boi

A musical project that combines the intensity of hip-hop with the unique sound of the recorder.

>> Flopstarter

A platform for bad ideas.

>> Sarcastic Samantha

An app that reads your ideas back to you in a sarcastic voice (with added patronising remarks).

>> Grand Prix Generator

A generator for the “world-saving” campaigns that win big in advertising awards.
Made with Josie Shedden

Work For Causes

>> Personalised Health Warnings

A site that let's you print a personalised health warning label for your loved one's cigarettes.
Metro, ABC, Huffington Post

>> The Homeless Period

The first campaign to raise the issue of sanitary care access for homeless women. The campaign is now run by supporters around the world.
The Guardian, Independent, BBC, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mic, Stylist, Dazed, Aljazeera, Refinery29, Big Issue, Channel 4, Metro, Evening Standard

>> Edible Leaflets

Bread wasted more than any other food. So we toasted waste-saving ideas onto slices and gave them out like flyers.
Evening Standard

Work For Brands

>> The Message

Created for Wrigley's Extra

>> The Strokeable Cat Video

Created for Sheba. Release August 2018.