The Vampire Conspiracy

You got me! The climate movement is a conspiracy
16 Million Video Views, 3 Million Streams, Sky News, TRT World, ABC, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Canary Media.

The Dragon of Climate Change

Lo! The dragon hath come
3 Million Video Views, 800,000+ Streams.

The Pirate Emergency

A sea shanty to declare a pirate emergency.
6 Million Video Views, 400,000+ Streams.

Get Another Drink In You (You're In Denial)

A drinking song for climate deniers
500,000+ Video Views.

Wear Clothes

You're not a hypocrite…

The Magic Fix

It's finally here!

The Vampire Conspiracy (Part II)

Now it's more evil ever

Barbie Plase Don't Break My Plastic Heart

I wrote a song for the Barbie movie…

If Dinosaurs Saw The Asteroid

I spent 66 millions years on this

Thermal Management

AI doesn't even want your job

The Greta Thunberg Song

A song about Greta, feta, and why the ocean is getting wetter.
3 Million Video Views, Danced to by Greta Thunberg.

Windy Wendy

Just a story about my love life…?
500,000+ Video Views.

Alien Love

An intergalactic tale about cows
500,000+ Video Views.

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Breakdown

I turned global emissions data into a synth-pop ballad.

Don't Cry Santa

A song about Santa having a mental breakdown because of his role in consumerism.


Because every tree is a VIP

Old White Man

The doctors say I've just a few years left

Short songs

I made Liz Truss resign

It was too close to be a coincidence…

I helped the advertising industry sabotage itself

When a fossil fuel client comes knocking…

I started a campaign against the fire emoji

The earth is way too hot…

I formed a political air-instrument punk band

And stopped air pollution. Meet Pollution Solution.…

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