Get £15 When You Refer Me A Friend

If we become friends, you both get £15*.

Sensible Drinker

Oli Frost doesn’t cry or get angry when drunk, and actually improves up to two pints.


Oli Frost is unlikely to steal your friends or girlfriends or wife or mum.

No Awkward Goodbyes

Oli Frost removes himself from social situations without a word – it’s called a French exit

Offers for existing friends

Remember when loyalty meant more than a free coffee? When we meet up for the first time you'll get a loyalty card and a smiley stamp, which you can collect to earn various non-sexual favours.
Say Hi:

As exclusive as a Nandos Black Card, nobody knows how you get an Oli Frost Best Friend Forever Card. It gets you unlimited friendship for life and other exclusive benefits.

Invitation Only

Reviews from satisfied friends

“Oli is so good to have as a friend because he never makes a decision about where to go, so you always get your own way. He also never asks to see you so there’s literally no pressure.” – Adela Nash, from work

“Oli is a great friend. He sneaks up on you when you least expect it, and always leaves you wanting more. He has a great fashion sense too, ask to see his collection of plain t-shirts.” – Jamie Chang, from work

“Oli is always online; although he has disabled read receipts, he always replies promptly. This means that if you have any issues, he will (remotely) be there at all times.” – Augustine Cerf, from work

How do you define “friend”?
The first time we meet up you’ll get an Oli Frost Loyalty Card. The second time you’ll get your first smiley, and we’ll be friends.

How do I make a referral?
Any way you like, as long as there is a link back to this page. You can introduce us on Instagram, Twitter, or email.

What if I see us as more than friends?
This isn’t a Frequently Asked Question, but unfortunately I’ve already found a girlfriend on Getty Images.

Need support?

Am I being a bad friend? Chat to me, our live support team, on Instagram or Twitter – and I'll get back to you in 4-7 working days.

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