Here’s a few more films I made. Mostly produced by me at home, but occasionally with other directors.

When I was 14 years old, I won 5th place in the Music & Dance category of a prestigious World of Warcraft movie contest. The rest is history.

Most recently, I have been performing at stand-up events and attending the Free Association.

>> The Moth Sanctuary

A short documentary about the UK's only clothes moth sanctuary

>> Real Virtual Reality

A short documentary meeting two remarkable British inventors

>> Domestic Rebellion

I drink a G&T and call the police about my new protest movement.

>> Pollution Solution

An original song I wrote and recorded to raise awairness of air pollution

>> NFN (Nice Fake News)

A real fake news site I made, with the lies humanity needs.
It's Nice That.

>> Redundancy.

They made me redundant, so I trashed their office

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