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I played the recorder for Simon Cowell

As a child a lot of people bullied me for playing recorder

They said it wasn’t “cool”.

How wrong they were…

>> Recorda Boi on Britain's Got Talent

Edited down from the full clip to remove Stepehn Mulhern.

>> Recorda Boi – The Documentary

In the aftermath of meeting Simon, a documentary crew came to find out more about me.

>> What's In My Recorder Bag?

From my career as a YouTuber.

>> Recorda Boi in NYC

From my busking world tour

>> Recorda Boi's Covers

A compilation of covers from my YouTube channel.

>> The Apology

A response to my use of a song by R Kelly

>> Recorda Boi (Grades 3-4)

Available as a free eBook

In 2019, I made fans over a hundred personalised songs.

The mission to repopularise the recorder remains very much on hold, as I continue my journey to Refrost The Planet.

But for the occasional booking, birthday shoutout, or large amounts of cash, I pick up the recorder again.

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