I played the recorder for Simon Cowell

As a child a lot of people bullied me for playing recorder.

They said it wasn’t “cool”.

How wrong they were…

Want your own recorder beat? You can now commission me.

Recorda Boi on Britain's Got Talent

Edited down from the full clip to remove Stepehn Mulhern.

Recorda Boi – The Documentary

In the aftermath of meeting Simon, a documentary crew came to find out more about me.

What's In My Recorder Bag?

From my career as a YouTuber.

Recorda Boi in NYC

From my busking world tour

Recorda Boi's Covers

A compilation of covers from my YouTube channel.

The Apology

A response to my use of a song by R Kelly

Recorda Boi (Grades 3-4)

Available to buy an eBook

In 2019, I made fans over a hundred personalised songs.

The mission to repopularise the recorder remains very much on hold, as I continue my journey to Refrost The Planet.

But for the occasional booking, birthday shoutout, or large amounts of cash, I pick up the recorder again.

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